Heidi Klum may be a famous world traveler, but she doesn’t let her children try every experience that arises on their journeys.

The mom of four stepped out in a gold, sequined Greta Constantine mini dress on Thursday night in Miami to celebrate her Ocean Drive magazine cover, where she was reunited with America’s Got Talent alum Yoli Mayor, who performed later in the evening.

Talking to PEOPLE, Klum — mom to daughters Lou, 8½, and Leni, 14, and sons Johan, 11, and Henry, 12 — opened up about putting her foot down with the kids on a recent trip to China.

“When we went to Beijing, they wanted to eat scorpions on a stick — they had maggots on a stick. They were a little more adventurous than me, [but] I said no because I just didn’t want to have to deal with the diarrhea they were gonna get,” she said of the experience.

“They can do it later when they’re older and they can figure their own diarrhea out,” she added, with a laugh.


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While certain dietary requests may be denied, all bets are off when it comes to the journey itself. The German-born businesswoman said of her children in-flight, “That’s the ultimate iPad time. Normally, there’s a certain amount of time they can play, but when we’re on the airplane, the sky is the limit. By the time we land, they have square eyeballs.”

But Klum is happy to oblige with a little extra screen time as a tradeoff for her four children’s impeccable behavior — a surprise to most of her fellow passengers.

“When we walk into the airplane, everyone is always looking, ‘Oh my God, here she comes with four kids.’ But my kids are probably better behaved than most adults because of the amount of alcohol that most people drink on that plane,” she says.

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Klum was in Miami during Swim Week, and took the opportunity to present a new collection from her Heidi Klum swim line at the Surfcomber hotel. On the topics of bikinis and kids, the America’s Got Talent judge discussed body positivity and how the issue affects her children.

‘”It’s not a hot topic, but I think my kids are pretty easy going. They don’t talk bad about other girls or other boys. If that happens, then I think I would address it, but it’s not really a thing in our house,” she explains. “My kids can’t even curse — they can’t even say damn or s— so they’re pretty good kids.”

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One topic she does address with her kids, particularly with daughter Leni, is that of social media. “My daughter has social media, but only for her friends,” Klum explains, adding she has rules and regularly monitors her eldest’s accounts.

“She has to show me the photos before she posts them. They’re all getting sexier and sexier, and I feel like there’s a time and place and a certain age group when you can do that for yourself, so sometimes she shows me photos and I’m like, ‘Eh, maybe not that one, show me other photos.’ Even though it’s just her friends, you never know who they could send it to.”

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